OXVA Xlim Pod Kit Review

Are you a casual user who enjoys using a high-performance vaping device that is also pocketable? This is the first device on the market to do so. The OXVA Xlim Pod Kit offers the perfect amount of customizability from the airflow to power controls. I have been using this device for over a month, and here are some of my thoughts.

OXVA Xlim Pod Kit



Great flavour

Easy fill

Really slim and pocketable

Long battery life

Customisable settings


Condensation can build up at the base of the coil at times although this is common with most pod devices

Lid hard to take off pod the first couple of times


OXVA Xlim Pod Kit - The Build

The first thing you'll notice is its premium aluminum body. Despite its size, it feels really good in the hand. The screen is bright, which gives you just the right amount of information; not overwhelming. I even enjoy subtle details such as the brushed metal trigger button that lights up whenever you press it.


OXVA Xlim Pod Kit - The Pod

The kit comes with two different pods for two flavour outputs, depending on what you fancy. Based on my one month usage, the difference is there, just not much. The option to swap pods is fun, but I would use the 1.2Ω mesh coil to conserve energy for longer battery life.

According to the OXVA website:

0.8Ω Mesh Coil

120% Sweetness | 100% Fragrance | Strong Throat Hit

1.2Ω Mesh Coil

100% Sweetness | 120% Fragrance | Strong Throat Hit

User Experience

OXVA Xlim Pod Kit - User Experience

I have never been so excited about a product launch, especially for the starter category. However, we had the privilege to test this out before the launch, and I was genuinely impressed! This device has power.

My experience, from the unboxing to my first draw, has been excellent.

OXVA Xlim Pod Kit - Unboxing

The device is nicely packaged, and the first thing you'll see is the vivid colour of the device. The colour I got was the brand's signature green. I thought I wasn't a fan of this colour, however, I have to say this is a really cool shade, and it grew on me fast. I love it now!

All fine details of this product are well made and thought out. The button has a snappy feeling, the airflow slider has nice resistance, the screen is bright, and the pod is made of high-quality plastic.

OXVA Xlim Pod Kit - User Experience

Setting up is extremely easy. The pod has a black cap that doubles as a mouthpiece that conceals the access to fill up with e-liquid; clever! The access is also well insulated with rubber to prevent leakage when facing down. However, it can leak from the bottom. Not a significant issue, but hopefully, OXVA will come out with a new pod to fix this.

My first draw using the device was impressive. The flavour it can produce for a device this size is phenomenal! The Xlim feels like a much bigger device in terms of taste and vapour production. What's most important is that it's pocketable. The only thing that bothers me a little is that the pod occasionally leaks from the bottom. This can be quickly rectified with a piece of kitchen roll.


OXVA Xlim Pod Kit - Our Verdict

The OXVA Xlim Pod Kit is almost a perfect mini device, especially if you're looking to switch. Why? It is hard to find a well-built device this size with such power and pocketability. It's easy to use with a great ergonomic design and everything at easy reach. Your favourite e-liquid will also taste better in the Xlim. It’s also a great price point too at only £21.99.

Did it live up to X-treme flavour & X-treme pocketability? ABSOLUTELY!

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