Recycle and Save!

Recycling week: It’s the one week of the year where we all come together to achieve one goal: to recycle more of the right things, more often.

At Ziggicig, we are offering 10% off in-store on your entire purchase when you recycle your old vape battery. Battery collection points are in all our stores now. Simply speak with your local store customer service specialist and save this week!
Recycling Week - Batteries

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7 reasons to recycle your old batteries:

1.They leak harmful metals

Heavy metals such as nickel, cadmium & lithium can contaminate the groundwater.

2. They cause health problems

Having contaminated the groundwater, toxins can then be ingested by wildlife which can make their way up the food chain and into the human body, causing potentially serious health issues.

3. Only 5% of batteries are recycled properly

It’s estimated that only 5% of lithium-ion batteries are recycled properly and in some parts of the world it’s considerably less.

4. 40% of us throw batteries in the bin

We’re giving you all the incentive not to this week; take your old vape battery in store this week and save 10%!

5. 80% of us would recycle batteries if it was more convenient

Which is encouraging! Contact your local council as many do currently offer battery recycling services.

6. Our reliance on batteries keeps increasing

At present we throw away around 600 million batteries a year in the UK and this number is rising as technology use increases.

7. Batteries contain useful materials

Batteries contain valuable materials that can be recovered and reused. As they don’t break down in landfills they will otherwise remain there forever.

T&C’s: bring your old vape battery into store between Monday 20th and Sunday 26th September and receive 10% off your purchase. Discount available in-store only. One discounted purchase per customer.