What is CBD Oil ?

CBD E Liquids and oils contain CBD and CBG which are cannabinoids associated with relief from seizures , chronic pains and fits. These can also include other beneficial terpenes that can have a cumulative entourage effect (Broad spectrum CBD) . They can also be beneficial to general nutritional requirements. These products contain no THC whatsoever, so they will not ‘Get You High’.

They do however come with a drowsiness warnings for certain formulations as the effects can be said to be similar to that of paracetamol or ibuprofen, or have a mildly relaxing effect. The key difference is that those two medical compounds are derived from opiates and can cause damage to the liver and stomach lining . You can also suffer an overdose from them. CBD and CBG however are entirely herbal and can not induce an overdose risk when consumed in excessive volumes.

What's So Special about CBD ?

Where opiates act directly on the nervous system as inhibitors, by acting directly on the neurons themselves, CBD and CBG do not. Instead they fit in key tone receptors in your cells. In other words , they work in a similar fashion to how vitamins are used by your body. Your body has evolved to have a ‘slot’ in which they can be received. If you do not suffer seizures, chronic pain or fits, then you will notice little to no effect from CBD isolate as your endocanniboid system is already well balanced.

These solutions only provide noticeable effects to consumers who do not have balanced neurological function that is beyond their control. If you purchase CBD products thinking they will have the same effect as marijuana you will be disappointed. If you have long term chronic pain or neurological issues however, CBD products could be life changing. Please avoid driving or use of heavy machinery whilst under the influence of CBD as it will generally relax those who are not usually able to relax due to the pain they suffer. This in turn can cause drowsiness. Use with discretion .

Is it Legal ?

CBD and CBG are not classified as a controlled substance under UK and EU law. They are therefore legal to sell, own and use. THC is classified as a class C controlled substance. It is illegal to possess or distribute in the UK due to it’s known psychoactive properties. Ziggicig have partnered with Good Vibes CBD By The Little Cannabis Company (TLC) as they are leaders in their field displaying the highest standards of production quality, knowledge and efficacy.

Ziggicig's Selection of CBD E Liquids

We have chosen a selection 3 main product types including tinctures (for oral consumption only) and an E Liquid variant. These appeal to a broad base of user's tastes based on our considerable experience with Vapers and the CBD market as a whole. Our market research indicates that CBD users prefer a balance of strength and value for money when it comes to CBD prioritizing relief and quality at the forefront .

Due to the fact that absorption is higher when inhaled as opposed to standard oral consumption we felt that 500mg broad spectrum was the optimal choice as many users report that the lower strength isolate only variants are simply not good enough. The oral solutions are generally stronger in order to counter balance the lower absorption rate compared to inhalation. They would a better solution for younger patients at their parent's discretion as they do not require the use of a vaporizer, or those who have never smoked or Vaped previously.

Vitamin E Acetate and effects on the lungs

CBD E liquids are in no way related to the illegal THC e liquids being reported in the USA as causing severe lung disease. These lung issues are commonly showed to be associated with the Vitamin E Acetate compound. This compound, along with the THC compound will never be found in any CBD or Nicotine based E Liquid or tincture sold at Ziggicig so you are at no risk of these reported lung diseases.

What Device Should I use with my CBD E Liquid ?

We recommend the refillable Pod style and basic starter Kits only for use with CBD e liquids as higher powered devices can burn the CBD compounds rendering them far less effective with unwanted byproduct.