New Beginnings or Veteran Wish Lists ?

These days there really is no such thing as "the best E Cigarette" or Vaporiser. The industry has matured quite a bit since it's inception over a decade ago. What you can expect now is choice. Loads of options to suit different needs.

In order to know which is best for you, it's appropriate to ask yourself what kind of Vaper you are, and be honest about it. Are you a smoker switching to Vaping for the first time ? Or perhaps you've been Vaping for six months to a year and you're ready for a bit more but you're not really a Gadget Geek. Perhaps you are all things Vape and a connoisseur, in which case this article really isn't for you as you know what you're looking for already.

For the sake of practicality we will break this article up into two main categories of user to make things easy to break down :

  • Starter Users - Exactly as the name suggests, you've never Vaped and you have no clue yet, other than the recommendation of a friend,family member or colleague for example.
  • Enjoyer- You've been Vaping a little while and it's generally working for you but you think it could serve your needs better than it currently does. An intermediate user if you will. This article may help you find whatever is lacking in your current setup.

Getting Started - The Starter User's Journey

One would imagine that all starter kits would be alike and therefore you can expect to pick up any one of them and expect satisfaction. Unfortunately that may not necessarily be the case.

There are all kinds of factors that come into selecting a Vape Kit for the first time and it's important not to simply "shop with your eyes", although looks and size can play an important role.

We'll list a couple of questions here to ask yourself and suggest a few answers that may describe you . Based on which answers sound the most like you we'll provide a few links to point you in the right direction. With any luck you will see a pattern emerging and hopefully we can spare you two or three needless purchases that may fall short of expectations.

Many people find their needs can change a bit once they have left smoking behind so it's not unreasonable to upgrade from time to time but it's also reasonable to expect good economy. One of Vaping's primary benefits over smoking is it's economy.

Just how many cigarettes do you smoke ?

If you smoke very heavily and generally only stick to stronger tobacco products with minimal filtering, then you need to consider Nicotine level and "Throat Hit Sensation".

As your demands will be high for nicotine and throat hit you will find the best results are delivered from a slightly more advanced starter Device with higher vapour output such as the Aspire Pockex Kit for example. Many have found this to be a real winner when paired with our Ziggicig Classic E Liquids. These liquids offer higher strength options of up to 18mg and are composed in such a way as to give a very realistic cigarette like hit to the chest and throat. The Pockex is also relatively compact so it's powerful and small. Beware though that it is a little fragile in the tank section so it's wise to keep a spare glass or two in the house for it.

However if you are an average 20 per day type of person who wants a bit of that kick but not so strong as to make it cigar like , then you would likely enjoy a device with lower Vapour output such as the Innokin T18 Mini V2 . This device offers quite a bit of flexibility but also features a tighter airflow system overall compared to the Pockex Kit which makes it feel very realistic. This system is adjustable though and it features 3 power output levels for you to choose from . Ideal for average to light smokers first transitioning to Vaping and it's relatively affordable. It's not the cheapest outright but it is compact. The battery life is average but it is very flexible in terms of the experiences it can offer. Plus they look amazing and fashionable.

If you're more about a smoother experience or perhaps you only ever smoked light cigarettes or rolling tobacco but rolled thin cigarettes then an important factor you need to think about is dropping the nicotine strength down to a 12mg for 10-20 per day type of smoker or a 6mg for 10 or less per day smoker.

However you can also choose to pair your device with a Nicotine Salts ( they don't taste salty it's just a nick name of sorts for the type of nicotine used ) formulated E Liquid such as Ohm Brew's Balanced Blends Range. These types of liquids offer great nicotine delivery but are super smooth when inhaled compared to the Classic Line mentioned earlier. This brand also makes for the ideal upgrade liquid for those looking to upgrade for the first time and you can use these liquid with the entire ranges of devices.

Is avoiding maintenance and Complication Important to you ?

If you have issues like arthritis or fine motor control issues or perhaps you simply don't like to fuss with gadgets you really should think about using a Pod Style device. Pod devices are also typically the most compact systems available. They are a recent development and because of this they actually deliver fantastic battery efficiency in a very small housing.

Their down side would be that Pods need replacing fairly frequently for pre-filled systems as the liquid capacity for each pod is limited to just a couple of Millilitres. Or in the case of refillable systems they need to be refilled often for the same reason.

In a refillable Pod scenario you will still be required to replace coils regularly and the Pods themselves from time to time in order to maintain them.

Pod systems are typically available in two formats as you will have noticed:

Pre-filled -

The Pods come with e liquids contained . Simply fix the Pod to the device and Vape away. It's the easiest option by far but can be limited on flavour availability and e liquid formulation diversity.

Refillable -

Refillable Pods are also very easy to use avoiding the requirement for screw threads and breakable glass commonly associated with tank and battery systems like the ones mentioned earlier in this article. They also offer the full diversity of flavours and liquid brands that can be used with refillable systems.

However ,they can sometimes have fiddly filling caps that are very small and can be difficulty to grasp if you have fine motor skill issues.

The Who's Who of Pod Vapes

Here's a quick list of suggested options for pod systems and links to the devices:

Prefilled :

  • Juul- Juul is the largest and most popular brand for Pre Filled Pod Systems. They produce a smooth but strong Vape out of the box . They also have a small selection of lower strength pods available in selected flavours sold separately. Their Current Device is the Juul C1 Starter Kit. This is rich in features and is a little more Premium.
  • Logic- The Logic Compact offers a restricted draw so it's realistic. It just does the basics and as such is very affordable. Pods are typically sold separately and there's a nice diverse range of flavours in regular variations as well as the Nicotine Salts based "Intense Range".

Refillable - Popular with those who have some experience under their belts:

  • Smok- Smok's current go to Pod system is the hugely successful Nord 2 . This device offers fairly high Vapour output and density so its a good bet for a stronger Vape and richer flavour. It does require the user to fit replacement atomisers or coils though to keep it running but overall it's easy to operate and live with. It offers great flavour and as such is great for those who are dropping strength and have become more interested in the boldness of the flavour itself.
  • Another great option for increased Vapour output in a refillable Pod Setup is the Voopoo Drag X. It's very similar in many regards to the Smok system but it uses and externally charged battery. This means you can swap the battery out when it depletes. It can be charged by USB as well though should you wish to. The idea is to use the external charger though so that by using a spare you don't actually have to wait while it charges to use it. This system is performance first and convenience second if that makes sense. Because the ideal scenario is using the kit in conjunction with a charger Like the MC2 Charger and at least a pair of 18650 cells like the Molicell P26A .
  • The Vaporesso Osmall Kit is a great option if you prefer to stick to the tighter draw, and lower vapour output but still retain the ability to refill the device. Vaporesso also have a fantastic reputation for reliability and aesthetics. It's a step up in fundamental Vaping performance over the most basic Pod systems and starter kits and it looks and feels a lot better but it retains the simplicity that some systems lose sight of.

Moving on up

If you've read your way through this and are thinking "but I've tried these and they just didn't have the "poke" or the power", then you're better off using a fully fledged intermediate or advanced device. These mostly use the tank and battery interface system and generally start to feature externally charged battery layout often using more than one battery. They do sometimes feature built in battery systems so check the specs carefully to avoid disappointment.

It's also common for them to look a bit more "boxy". This is unavoidable and is due to the increased power consumption required to deliver a more powerful vaping experience. There are some stepping stone devices like the Innokin Go S, that are higher powered but have Pod like ease of use and are in a Pen style configuration . Its fair to say though that the bigger they look the more powerful they are.

Some of the largest devices offer more than Just Power. The Innokin Ajax MVP5 Kit for example offers USB charging of external devices, So you can charge your phone using your vape. Or the onboard flash light can be used to light the way in tricky situation when you're out and about camping. So their are some Vapes that are a lifestyle choice in more ways than just being about smoking. Sort of akin to a Swiss Army Knife if you will.

These more advanced devices are typically used with lower strength liquids ( not always, but certainly high strength is not recommended as its typically unpleasant and not compatible ) and these are more commonly available in our 50ml and 100ml ranges. Keep in mind these are nicotine free ranges by default. If you want them to have nicotine included it has to be purchased separately and added by the user. These are also limited to 3mg strength generally speaking when they are blended in this fashion. They are not recommended for starters or anyone looking to avoid complications. You can purchase 3mg liquids pre-mixed in 10ml bottles anyway if you're not comfortable blending them yourself.

To shop our intermediate devices go Here and to shop our more advanced devices go Here.

If you find yourself getting stuck or feel uncertain simply email us on : or call us on 02895607313 . Our customer service and Support Hub staff will help you out as quickly as possible to get the right kit for your needs.