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Brand: Ohm Brew

Ohm Brew Baltic Blends Sensation X - 50ml

Ohm Brew Baltic Blends Sensation X - 50ml

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We can't tell you exactly what's in Sensation X as its a closely guarded secret . What we can say about it , is that this is Ohm Brew's first Menthol recipe and it delivers on all fronts in only the way Ohm Brew can. With deep, rich and fulfilling flavour that satisfies day in and day out. Unlike the other Baltic Blends this is not an infusion blend, this is a menthol flavour blended to perfection purely for sub ohm Vaping.

This vape juice is a part of the Ohm Brew Baltic Blends range, offered in a convenient 60 ml unicorn bottle with 50 ml of nicotine-free e-liquid. Its 70/30 VG/PG ratio ensures a smooth vaping experience.

Crafted in the UK, these e-liquids are designed by vapers for vapers, ensuring a match for every taste. The product allows for easy DIY mixing, enabling users to add nicotine shots to achieve their desired strength. Simply add 1 x 10 ml nicotine shots of 18 mg/ml nicotine (available separately) to make 60 ml of 3 mg/ml strength e liquid. Enjoy the quality and variety of Ohm Brew Baltic Blends, made in Belfast for a diverse vaping experience.

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