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Brand: Just Juice

Brutal Mr. Jack - 100ml

Brutal Mr. Jack - 100ml

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Dive into the past with Mr Jack shortfill, a classic flavour reborn in vape form. This e-liquid brings a wicked infusion of liquorice and aniseed that floods your tastebuds, capped off with a comforting, sweet sugary aftertaste that lingers delightfully. It's an impeccable recreation of a beloved treat, delivering all the nostalgic flavours without a trace of nicotine.

The Mr Jack shortfill is designed for those who cherish classic flavours but prefer a nicotine-free experience. Offering 100ml of exquisite juice, this product also provides the flexibility to add your own 20ml nicotine shot if desired. Perfect for vapers aiming to eliminate nicotine from their routine, Mr Jack offers a trip down memory lane, allowing you to savour the retro taste and aroma, completely free from nicotine. VGPG7030

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