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Brand: Just Juice

Brutal Raspberry Sour - 100ml

Brutal Raspberry Sour - 100ml

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Ignite a blast from the past with our Raspberry Sour shortfill, where every vape is a journey back in time with the tongue-tingling sensation of a raspberry chew bar, complete with bursts of explosive fizz. This e-liquid encapsulates the essence of a cherished sweet, making your taste buds dance with nostalgia and delight.

The Raspberry Sour shortfill delivers 100ml of vibrant flavour without any nicotine, offering a pure, unadulterated retro experience. Plus, there's room for a 20ml nicotine shot if you choose to customise. Perfect for vapers looking to enjoy the nostalgic taste without the nicotine, this e-liquid is an excellent choice for those committed to a nicotine-free lifestyle, allowing you to indulge in the memories without the addiction. VGPG7030

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