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Brand: Elf Bar

Elf Bar Elfa Prefilled Pods Cherry Candy - 20mg

Elf Bar Elfa Prefilled Pods Cherry Candy - 20mg

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Elf Bar Elfa Disposable Pods Cherry Candy 20mg - 2 Pack. Indulge in the delectably sweet Cherry Candy flavour from Elf Bar, a true treat for confectionery enthusiasts. These disposable pods, designed for the Elfa pod vape kit, offer a rich and bold cherry hard candy taste, providing a smooth, sweet, and irresistible vaping experience that's perfect for all-day enjoyment. The Elfa kit, a clever fusion of pod kits and disposable pods, embodies the sleek and discreet design of the classic Elf Bar 600.

Innovative and Eco-Friendly Vaping Solution. Unlike traditional all-in-one disposables, the Elfa kit features replaceable pods pre-filled with Elf Bar's signature flavours, along with a rechargeable battery, enhancing both usability and environmental sustainability. The 20mg nicotine salt e-liquid in the Elfa Pods ensures fast nicotine absorption and a gentle throat hit, catering to your cravings efficiently. This pack includes 2 pre-filled disposable Elfa pods, combining the convenience and flavour excellence of disposable vape bars with a more sustainable approach, thanks to its rechargeable system.

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