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Brand: Re-salt

Re-Salt Aloe Grape Nic Salt - 10ml

Re-Salt Aloe Grape Nic Salt - 10ml

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Discover the unique fusion of flavours in Re-Salt's Aloe Grape nic salt e-liquid, where the gentle floral nuances of aloe vera intertwine with the sweet yet tart essence of purple grapes. This distinctive combination offers a fruity and refreshingly crisp vape experience, perfect for those seeking a blend that's both unusual and delightfully palatable.

Crafted with a 50% VG concentration, Aloe Grape is designed to produce a modest amount of vapour, ensuring a more discreet and enjoyable vaping experience. Ideal for use with MTL (Mouth To Lung) devices like vape starter kits or vape pens, this blend is tailored for optimal performance and flavor delivery. Available in convenient 10ml bottles and various nicotine strengths ranging from 5mg to 20mg, it provides a smooth throat hit and rapid nicotine absorption, effectively satisfying cravings.

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