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Brand: Choppa

The Choppa Collection Black Widow 100ml - 0mg

The Choppa Collection Black Widow 100ml - 0mg

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Black Widow by Choppa Vapes is an irresistible shortfill e-liquid that masterfully combines the delectable flavors of blackcurrants, lychee, and ripe guava. The blackcurrants in this blend offer a succulent and sweet taste that will truly enthrall your taste buds. Lychee contributes a delicate and floral sweetness that perfectly complements the bold blackcurrant notes. Lastly, the ripe guava introduces a tropical twist to the mix, adding depth and complexity to this fruity e-liquid.

The Choppa Vapes Black Widow 100ml E-liquid has become a beloved choice among customers, and we trust that you'll find it equally delightful.

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